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Sudoku fans, crossword fans, this is the game for you!

Buy Cross Digits for all 4 difficulties and 100 puzzles!

Expand your mind with the puzzle game that brings together crosswords and sudoku.

In Cross Digits, you are given lists of numbers with 3-8 digits.
The board is made of these numbers in vertical or horizontal fashion.
Use these numbers on the board to fill in what you know, until you have solved the whole board!
The game will keep track of the numbers you have used, by dimming them for you.
Tap a number on the bottom, to place or view a number with that many digits.

**Check - The check button will let you know you're right and controls scoring.
Gain 100 points for each correct cell.
Lose 50 points for each incorrect cell.
**Undo - Change a number you didn't want to? Undo it!
**Interactive input - Tap a number on the list and select the beginning and end of it to place it on the board!

Great way to waste time while exercising your mind.

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