Below are a few screenshots of the free app in action.

It's a revolution!
Like techno music? Like laser shows? Like bass that is way too loud? Like cool optical patterns?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you can be a part of the Rave Revolution!

Play your favourite techno/trance song from your music library and break free from normal raves. Customize your revolution by selecting and blending shapes and patterns together in a psychedelic experience to show your friends.

Tap the screen to change your visual experience.
1) Try setting the "dots" pattern to full power.
2) Try turning off all shapes.
3) Try turning off everything.
4) Try activating "lenses" and turn them to about half power.
5) Whatever you can think of!

If your party needs a jolt of rave energy, let the revolution begin!

Rave Revolution contains bright shapes patterns and colours that may disorient you!



Comments or suggestions can be sent to me at this address.


Click here to download Rave Revolution on the App Store!

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