Here are some screenshots of Targets in action.

Test your accuracy and speed with this energetic game of reflex.
Prove yourself!

You may ask, how do I prove myself?
Hit the incoming targets before they reach the other side of the screen!

1) Be accurate!  Tap near the center for more points.  500 for red200 for green. 100 for blue.

2) Be agile!  If a target gets past you, you lose a life!

3) Be alert!  The targets speed up each level.  Will you focus on speed or accuracy?

4) Get rewards!  Every 5 levels you will be rewarded with a bonus level.  Hit as many targets as you can to rack up points and lives!

5) Compete!  Post your scores online or locally.  Conquer the leaderboard of your country and then the world!

Perfect your reflexes to top all the charts!

Targets is available here on the App Store.

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