As my first post in the "Development" category, I'd like to say the posts may not all be for beginners trying to learn how to make their first iPhone app.  Some future ones may be geared for beginners, but not this one!  To test the waters of iPhone development blogs, here's a simple page showing the different keyboards to use.

UIKeyboard is the mainstream way for users to enter text input.  But maybe you want to use it for an URL or a phone number?  Apple has given us developers a choice, the UIKeyboardType.

What are my choices?


The standard keyboard.

The other side of the standard keyboard.

The keyboard for URLs.

The keyboard that likes numbers!

Good for getting phone numbers! ;)

Warning!  Has no capital letters!

This one might be for an email address?

There you go.  The day when you have to choose the PERFECT keyboard for your app, you will be ready!